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Music I like

not so weekly video

stamps yo

scroll down for more stuff i like and whatever this is reccomended
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ok lets face it half of the pony "species" dont have a reason to exist like merging two+ animals into a pony or having a theme does not make a species and its worse when its not only shittily done, but CLOSED. 

6 deviants said sorry #rambles
5 deviants said like ok if youre going to make a themed species for the love of god give it a reason to exist. get creative! make a story! MAKE A WHOLE GOD DAMN WORLD FOR IT IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO.
4 deviants said ask if you wanna steal that idea -3-
2 deviants said for the animals in a pony... eh, fine, but dont make it a fucking species. and if it is, make something so unique it hurts. like heres an idea: double horned ponies
No deviants said but like theyre rare because double horn = mutant and they are like outcasts
No deviants said and the second horn is kinda small but
No deviants said they have like special eyecolors n shit which is cool and also they have their own little town whatever in the forest
No deviants said but they cant use magic at all explaining the eyes which actually are used for things likkeee
No deviants said seeing magical currents and finding their sources
No deviants said like they see the process of getting a cutie mark in a way different way




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Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehreabout me:
14 | ♀ | ♋ (7-15-99) | taken Kokyal0rd
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homestuck fan | mlp fan | vocaloid fan | various other stuff fan
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bg by cariovercoat @ tumblr

Alright so i need money and you guys want art so why dont we make a thing happen and have me open
the commissions
they are returning

but i wanna know what YOU guys want because no sense in having something listed if nobody wants it anyways.
So, the deal is below im going to list everything i want to put up for sale, and YOUR JOB is to tell me which of those (all or a few) you are most likely to buy, and maybe even suggest things to me. If enough people (5) suggest the same item, ill add it to the listing.

Most everything here is going to be ponies since half of you watch me for that and its the most likely to sell. As for homestuck sprite sets/edits, i dont even know if im allowed to sell them. Yes, even though it comes in as poinrs, fake money in a sense, im able to actually turn a profit for it. So maybe ill just sell those literally JUST for the points and use said points in giveaways because i like all of you to be winners so yeah lets do that. Otherwise, everything else will get me at least one usd. :3 cool, right?

On to what i have in mind, then. Also! Please note no bases will be used except for the custom ponies which even still will just be my own bases most likely from my own art.

CUSTOM PONY: 100 points (set price no wavering even with different difficulties)

EQUESTRIA GIRLS DESIGN: 100 points +50 for each extra outfit if you chose to ask for more than one such as a fall formal dress.

PIXEL PONY JOURNAL DOLL: 150 points because shit do those take a long time. Looks like the one i made of Radiant Void.

JUST A PLAIN DRAWING OF YOUR OC: 100 points +50 for each extra pony in the picture. I can do a variety of things. Gala dress designs can also be done for +50


HOMESTUCK SPRITE SET: 50 points. i just make a sprite of your oc with whatever extras you want, god tier, dream outfit, trickster, or whatever else and it doesnt change the price.

idk what else id want to do of hs stuff so suggest maybe???



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D3M0N-SPiD3RCAT 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy shittles Fire, thank you so much for those points!! I can finally buy more premium membership xD
TalortehCyndaquil 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think you should have changed your username!

I got really confused when someone pointed me to one of your collabs, and your page didn't originally say 'Formerly "UnicornsonFire"', and I thought the collab was stolen. XD
(1 Reply)
chochang55 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your webcam :heart:
(1 Reply)
Katiasmore 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
O.O Thank you so much for the points! One day, I've got 20 points, feeling pretty rich ;P Next day, you give me points for the thing, and then someone else just randomly gives me 20 points, so now I have like a ton of points, because you just made my day!
(Also, did you mean to give me 40 points twice?)
(1 Reply)
Nightmares-Divide 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Fire, I swear, Karkat is my spirit animal. 
(1 Reply)
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